Family Dentistry of Loudon knows that good dental hygiene must start at a young age. By getting your child used to proper dental care early, they have a far less chance of developing dental or gum diseases such as gingivitis, tooth decay, and cavities. Your child’s teeth must be properly taken care of and they’ll love coming to our office because of the comfortable and fun atmosphere.

Since we specialize in family dentistry, your child’s comfort and happiness are very important to us. We understand that children can develop fear from going to a dentist and our professional and friendly staff will help alleviate any fear and concern your child has. We know every child has their own unique concerns and we work with their own wants and needs when treating them in our office.

We use the most gentle techniques and tools for your little one’s mouth so they don’t get scared from any sight or sound. Dr George is very patient and talks with each child to make them feel comfortable and relaxed.